Sunday, June 9, 2013

Six 6-Word Goals for Summer

One of my favorite books this year was Not Quite What I Was Planning edited by Smith Magazine (Here's a link to the page where you can read an excerpt: Not Quite What I Was Planning). In this book, famous (and not so famous) authors, editors, entertainers, and more share their life's experiences in just six words. Of course, they are wonderfully crafted giving the reader a much bigger view of a life than one would ever expect in just those six words.

I was planning tonight's blog on goals for the summer (kind of an "I am too going to work this summer" blog), but I'm just too exhausted from a weekend in Detroit with friends--though that is helping me get to goal #5.

SO--I thought I'd shorten up this post by blending one of my favorite books of the year AND my intended blog post by creating six 6-word goals for summer: Here they are:

1. Reconnect with family who sacrificed time

2. Read a professional development book monthly

3. Promote "Theune Fireside Chats" to students

4. Allow English colleagues to motivate me

5. Be silly with friends, laugh lots

6. Learn from unexpected moments and transform