Sunday, September 14, 2014

Not Only Is Stratford Beautiful...

Just a couple hours ago, 21 of us got home from our school's 8th annual trip to Stratford, Ontario. It's so refreshing there. It's beautiful: the river running through the town and the quaint shops lining the main street. The economics of the town are what they are because of the theatre. The town is what it is because of the theatre. Its economy is based on art.

But the town isn't the only wonderful part of this trip. The students--when given the opportunity to be awesome--are just that: awesome. Over and over this weekend, I was reminded about the energy of youth--as well as the kindness, ingenuity, excitement, and gratitude.

When students doing something they love--they'll work together to create a wonderful experience. They'll want to show themselves as responsible, caring people--even to strangers.

When we give students opportunities to shine in something they like and want to do, they'll do it beautifully.

Now, how do the same principles work in the classroom? Do they? Can they?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting My Sea Legs Back

I used to get seasick. I'd rock on those waves, stagger back and forth a bit, and then--finally--settle myself by looking at the horizon, the distant spot where the water meets the sky.

That's what my first week back to school was like.

  • I was rocked: good, but long, PD days got me thinking about new strategies and tools. 
  • I staggered: still can't sleep well the few nights before school starts.
  • I settled: I looked on the horizon and could envision these current students improving their literacy skills.
I look forward to a year filled with literacy, critical thinking, and purposeful creation. 

This pirate has his sea legs back. Ahoy!